Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Rental Cars


I shall take good care of the car whilst in my possession and until returned comply with all the provisions of the Traffic Ordinances Regulations and all the other relevant Traffics Laws and regulation of Fiji. i will purchase insurance of the vehicles , and shall be liable for any damage caused to the hired car or to other vehicle or person or thing in the following circumstances :

If I am under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs at the time the damage is caused.

If I am proved guilty of negligence not covered by the insurance in the use of the vehicle hired.

If I part with the possession, control or custody of the vehicle hired.

If the car is stolen, or taken out of my possession and control through my negligence or carelessness.

An insurance claiming fee of $2,500 FJD¬ in the events of a collision, or when damage is caused to the vehicle hired regardless of fault.

The car shall not be used for learning to drive.


The hirer acknowledges that the vehicle (which expression includes all the tires, tools, accessories and equipment) is the property of the owner ad that it has been received by him in good order and running conditions.


In addition to the warranties by the hirer on the face hereof the hirer further warrants that:

The hirer and the nominated driver hold current motor vehicle license valid in Fiji.

All particulars furnished by the hirer as to the name, address, age telephone directory listing, occupation and the like of the Hirer and the nominated driver and true.

The vehicle cannot be sub-hired/leased to any other persons.


owner The may determine this agreement and without notice repossess the vehicle in the following event:

The hirer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs

The hirer of the nominated driver found to breach of any law or condition of warranty herein: or

The owner considers that the conduct of the hirer or the nominated driver is likely to affect prejudicially the Owners interest or the condition of the vehicle .

In any of the circumstances referred to in the liability provisions hereinbefore and hereinafter mentioned. And retain all sums paid by the Hirer but without prejudice to any further rights of the owner in respect of any breach or default of the Hirer of the nominated driver.

The Hirer undertakes that the vehicles will be returned to the owner at the place, date and time specified on the face hereof or during any extension of time permitted by the owner in the same conditions (save for ordinary wear and as herein otherwise expressly provided as when received ).


The hirer will be liable to the Owner for any damage to the vehicle as mentioned hereunder.

The vehicle is driven by the person other than by persons permitted as herein specified.

The vehicle is used by the Hirer or the nominated driver for any illegal purpose or in any race, speed test, contest, to propel or tow any vehicle , or trailer or to convey any load in excess of that for which the vehicle was constructed or is used on a road other than a road as defined in the Traffic Ordinance, or;

The vehicle is driven by the hirer or the nominated driver carelessly or at any excessive speed or in a manner dangerous to the public or;

The vehicle is driven or used by the hirer or the nominated driver when it is in damaged or unsafe condition or;

The Hirer or the nominated driver leaves the vehicle unlocked or unattended or fails to take all reasonable precautions for its safety, or;

The Hirer or the nominated driver drives the vehicle in a manner contrary to the provisions of any Ordinance Regulations or other Laws of Fiji and is convicted. Or;

The Hirer fails without reasonable excuse to return the vehicle to the owner , or;

The loss od or damage to the vehicle occurs outside the period of hiring or any extensions thereof permitted by the owner unless the Hirer has reasonable excuse for failing to return the vehicle within the time stipulated , or;

The hirer is in breach of any warranty made by him herein, or;

The Hire fails to complete and furnish to the Owner within the reasonable time such as statements information and assistance as the Owner may reasonably require in respect of any other person, or;

The Hire has without the consent in writing of the Owner made or given any offer, promise of payment, settlement indemnity or admission of liability in respect of any accident damage to the vehicle or to the property of any third person, in any of which events the Hirer is liable to th Owner whether guilty of negligence or not.

For the purpose of the Agreement “damage to the vehicle” means all los, damage or injury of or to the vehicle, any costs, expenses or out going in connections there with or arising therefrom.

Groups A, B, C, D, E, F these groups of vehicle not permitted to be driven on gravel or unsealed roads. Any damages to the undercarriage of any hired vehicle will result in a FJD 4,500 damage fee.


If you cancel within 24 hours of your travel time, there will be No Refund.

If you cancel before the 24 hours of your travel time, you will be refunded 50% of the payment made

If you cancel well before 48 hours of your travel time, you will be refunded 100% of the payment made.

If your cruise ship could not dock or your plane could not land because of bad weather condition, we will refund you the full amount of the payment made.


To cancel booking, you will need to send us an email on marketing@aaakrentals.com or phone +679 7919112/ 

+679 8919112 or +679 6720129

We will then send you a cancellation voucher. However we recommend you have travel insurance to cover any possible cancellation costs


The owner shall not be under any liability; to the hirer or the nominated driver for any loss or damage through breakdown, mechanical defect, or accident by reason of the vehicle being unsuitable for the purpose of the Hirer ;

to any person whatsoever for the loss or damage to any property stolen from the vehicle or damaged or otherwise lost during the hiring of the vehicle before or after the return of the vehicle to the Owner and the Hirer hereby agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Owner in respected of all claims demand and action brought against the Owner in respect thereof.


the rental, sundry and other charges in accordance with the owners current rate schedule and all other moneys payable by the Hirer hereunder;

a sum equal to the amount of all loss or damage to the vehicle during the period of hire.

all fines and penalties paid or payable by the Hirer in respect of traffic parking and other offences committed by the Hirer.

All tools, levies, charges or the like made or imposed by any government Authority Department or other body and whether by Ordinance Regulation Agreement or otherwise in respect of any Government controlled areas bridges highways or airports.

In the event of an accident any towing charges shall be paid by the Hirer.

There will be a $300 .00 excess applied to any damages to the windscreen.


Time shall be deemed to be of the essence of this contract in all respect.


Where the contact permits word importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender, words importing the singular shall include the plural and in case of joint hiring. Hirers shall be jointly and severely liable in respects of all provisions of this agreement heading of clauses are inserted for guidance only in the construction or interpretation of this agreement shall not be deemed to form any part of the contract. 

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